In 2008, DragRace Concepts established a new standard for R/C Drag Racing by mass producing inline drive electric and nitro R/C Drag cars and accessories. Prior to 2008 the inline drive train chassis were in their infancy and were not commonly available to all of the racers. There was a substantial performance gap between racers who had access to inline drive train chassis and those who did not. This inevitably changed the future of R/C Drag Racing by making inline drive train chassis available to all of the racers and created a level playing field.

Since then our goal is to always satisfy our customers through cutting edge designs and high performance products. Our motto has always been to design and manufacture rather than adapt off the shelf parts that where not originally designed for R/C Drag Racing. This standard of design and development is why DragRace Concepts has more race wins and Championships than any other brand in R/C Drag Racing.