DRC1  Pro Stock
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The DRC1 Electric Inline Pro Stock chassis is the latest generation of chassis for use in 1s Pro Stock racing. The chassis features a layered construction that utilizes a main chassis plate and 2.5mm frame rails that sit on top of the main chassis plate. This hybrid construction design eliminates any chance of chassis tweak and creates a super consistent chassis. The DRC1 has a 2.00" wide center section to work with today's larger LIPO battereis. 

The DRC1 features 1/4" x 1/2" rear axle bearings to handle the increased load created by today's motor and battery combinations. The new bearing cap system holds the rear axle bearing by the flange and eliminates any drag on the rear axle creating a smoother and more efficient drive train. The 6.5 flat wheelie bar with quick adjust rod allows for on the fly wheelie bar adjustments that require no tools. 

Additional Standard Features Are:

  • 11"  Wheelbase
  • 13.0 oz chassis weight
  • 2.5mm Carbon Fiber Construction
  • 6.5" Flat Wheelie Bar 
  • Centerless Front End Design for Maximum Weight Bias
  • Bearing Cap System For Decreased Rear End Drag
  • Lightweight Delrin Chassis Blocks
  • Multiple Gear Ratio's
  • Lightweight 3mm or 5mm Driveshaft
  • Aluminum 1/10 or 1/12th Rear Hubs
  • Adjustable Front End Castor and Ride Height
  • Metal Shielded Bearings
  • Steering Linkage Kit
  • 4 Piece Clip Style Body Mounts

Chassis comes assembled as pictured.

  • Item #: DRC058
  • Manufacturer: DragRace Concepts

DRC1 Pro Stock

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