DRC1 Electric Inline ProMod
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DRC1 Pro Mod for sale. This is my personal car I ran this season. Running 3 classes is a little much so I am letting this one go.

The chassis is a DRC1 with all of the lightweight options. The remaining aluminum parts are anodized black. Gear ratio is 43/10. My personal best this season was a 1.41 at the few races that I ran this combo at.

The ESC is a mamba V124 with TQ Caps. The motor is a Saiko 9900KV 5mm shaft and the battery is a 3300 Saiko.

The chassis comes as you see it with body and a fresh set of Mike Smith rear tires. Futaba receiver is not included but can be for $50.00 This combo is

  • Item #: DRC1EPM
  • Manufacturer: DragRace Concepts

DRC1 Electric Inline ProMod

Price: $800.00
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